Animal Olympians

The Olympics is all about recognising and honouring - running,  jumping,  swimming,  diving and doing just about everything else.

Yet there are other games .... in the animal kingdom. For these wildlife athletes, speed, endurance and agility are a matter of life and death.

Read and see more about the animal olympians here ...  

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The fastest animal on the planet is the cheetah, which can run at speeds over 70 miles per hour. See all cheetah pictures here

Maneuverability, agility and climbing skills by young lion.

See here more pictures from the young lions.

Animals, Antilop, Serengeti, Africa

Concentration in the animal kingdom are sometimes very important.

Here is a fight between two topi bulls. Here all pictures.

zebras, africa, wildlife, olympiade, olympics, 2012

Very good endurance swimmers are zebras.

See here all pictures from the zebras.

Gazelles, animals, olympiade 2012, london, olympians,

The gazelles have greater endurance and agility in a high-speed chase as the cheetah’s. See here all pictures from the gazelles.

lions, Lions babys, africa, animals, olympiade 2012, london

Warming up and stretching in the animals world.

See here all pictures from the little lions.

Gnus, Wildebeest, Serengeti, olympiade 2012, london

The champions of triathlon in the animal kingdom, the wildebeest.

Wildebeest put in your walks throughthe Serengeti back more than 20 kilometers per day. See here all pictures.

elephants, wildlife, africa, london, Olympia 2012, olympics

The medal for WEIGHT LIFTING for the elephants in Africa. No land animal on Earth can lift as much weight as the African elephant, which can pick up a one-tonne weight with its trunk. See here more pictures from elephants.

 Welcome to the Animal Olympics!

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