Poachers now target lions for bones and body parts

Lion bones are increasingly important to the Asian traditional medicine trade, largely because the tigers that used to supply bones are facing dwindling numbers and trade in tiger parts is prohibited under international law. Juan de Beer of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency’s (MTPA) special investigations unit explained that before 2008 there was no market for lion bones. “Landowners are now digging up old bones that were buried and selling them,” he said.


Chris Mercer, director of the Campaign against Canned Hunting has said much more than just amplifying the trend, canned hunting is in fact setting the trend.


Lion bones opening up avenues for lion in the wild to be poached and their bones to be smuggled through the export supply chain undetected. 


Dr Pieter Kat, Director of Lion Aid a conservation organisation based in the United Kingdom, today a lion skeleton is worth $10 000 in the Asian countries, a rapid profit jump from $4 000 in 2010.


Lion bones and rhino horn have become key trade targets!!


South Africa has facilitated the following ... read here the article

• An export of 250kg of lion bones to Laos in 2009 (previous total 2000-2008 was 0);

• An export of 586 bones to Laos in 2010 (previous total 2000-2009 was 0);

• An export of 14 live lion to Vietnam in 2010 (previous total 2000-2009 was 2);

• An export of 29 skeletons to Laos and 19 to Vietnam in 2010 (previous total to Laos 2000-2009 was 5 and Vietnam was 0);

• An export of 90 teeth to Laos in 2010 (previous total to Laos 2000-2009 was 0)

• An export of 54 lion trophies to Laos (previous total to Laos 2000-2009 was 1). (Figures courtesy of Lion Aid, 2012)



Lion hunts in South Africa are worth more than 90 million dollar (£60 million) a year says the Professional Hunters Association. 16,394 foreign hunters (more than half of which fly from the US) killed 46,000+ animals from Sept. 2006 - Sept. 2007. Trophy hunter is worth $91.2 million a year and foreign tourist sometimes pay up to $40,000 to shoot a lion. The government supports hunting because of its revenue. Provincial government sell permits to kill rhinos, lions, elephants, and giraffes ... read and help LionAid http://www.lionaid.org/


We must work together to launch a worldwide campaign for African lions!


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    Rajiv Welikala (Mittwoch, 14 November 2012 09:30)

    This was something inevitable because the Chinese have so much beleif in these animal parts.
    The chinese government needs to put a stop to this.

    If the buying stops the killing will too



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    Volunteer Vacations (Mittwoch, 17 Oktober 2012 15:10)

    That is such a nice and truly appreciable conservation project. I am a wildlife animal lover and always be first to protect them. Thanks for blogging.