Lion love: Father meets his cubs for the first time

Woah, Dad's a bit scary: Heartwarming footage of the moment a papa lion meets its baby cubs for the first time. The heart-warming first encounter shows six-month-old lins cubs in the Masai Mara, photographed by my last wildlife photography workshop.


Lions may be one of the world's deadliest predators - but this male quickly assumed the role of caring father when meeting his cubs for the first time.

The heart-warming first encounter shows six-month-old lions cubs. The lions babies full of youthful intrigue as they bound towards their dad hoping he wanted to play. And aware of his new role he was quick to ensure they knew who was boss - giving them a gentle roar if they overstepped the mark or a light pat with his paw to calm them down.

Hello, Dad … do you think!
Hello, Dad … do you think!
It's all OK dad.
It's all OK dad.
The proud father ...
The proud father ...
One day, little cubs, you will be able to roar like the father.
One day, little cubs, you will be able to roar like the father.

Capturing the tender father-and-son interaction was very rewarding for me, who spent a lot of time watching the lions over the course of weeks and months.

The father lion was very gentle with his cubs, who was rather skittish being around the tough older lion at first. "After a few days of being around Dad they realize he's not going to hurt them and the play becomes rougher, but even when play is rowdy, Dad looks at Mom!"


I hope these photos will inspire adults and children alike to care about wildlife and conservation efforts, so that future generations will have a chance to see these animals in the wild.


Africa will lose its wild lion population within the next 10 to 15 years unless something dramatic is done about the situation. In 50 years, Africa’s lion population has declined from 450.000 to 20.000, leopards have followed a similar curve from 700.000 to 50.000 and there are around 8.000 -10.000 cheetah left today. These figures represent a 95% decline in these predator populations.


Looking at these touching photos, it’s certainly hard to imagine a world without this father-and-son pair.


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    Daniela (Mittwoch, 29 Oktober 2014 11:11)

    Was für eine tolle Fotostrecken, von Momenten die uns immer wieder aufzeigen sollten das wir Menschen auf dieser Welt nicht alleine sind.

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    Sandra (Mittwoch, 05 November 2014 13:32)

    Was für herrliche Momente von diesen stolzen Tieren … es sind die Momente wie bei uns Menschen. Vaterliebe pur.
    Danke sagt Sandra.

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    Charolette Merino (Dienstag, 24 Januar 2017 18:31)

    Ridiculous quest there. What occurred after? Thanks!

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