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Some clarifications about my suggestions for the autofocus settings in my specialist book wildlife photography. I obtained some messages why i didn't prefer autofocus 3D tracking. Please notice, if you write a book, there is a timeline between your work and the marked start about 6 - 12 months for the first language and usually additional 6 months and more for translation and so on, before it could start in the international marked.

So, my book is written 2008/2009. Until yet, we had a lot of advantages in autofocus technologies and for 2012 i estimate another big step from the mayor camera producers. Of course, i work with 3D tracking too and it works perfect, if there is enough difference in color's/contrast's between the target and the background.
This sequence of a hunting cheetah, taken this year in September with a Canon Eos 1D Mark IV and the Canon EF 5.6 L 800 mm IS USM (about 1040 mm at Mark IV's 1.3 crop factor), Tv 1/1000 at F 5.6, distance about 90 meters/yards to the cheetah, shows how perfect autofocus 3D tracking could work, even with other animals in the foreground.

All images are not final converted, sharpened etc., .... no time yet.

Cheetah, tacked with the autofocus center point.

And now, the sequence of the run across a wildebeest herd.

… perfect work under this circumstances!

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