DIE Nikon D810 mit dem neuen AF-S Nikkor 400 mm 1:2,8E FL ED VR

Praxiserfahrungen aus Ostafrika                                                                                  »»» Read more «««


Catching the decisive moment

You will often come across exceptional landscape or wildlife photos that, in spite of their intensity, still seem to emanate calm and convey the impression that the photographer had all the time in the world to fine-tune the composition. But don’t be fooled when the critical moment arrives, you only have a split second to release the shutter ...


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Light in the Darkness - the difference between good and outstanding images

Deutsche Version im "Fotomagazin" November 2011.

Introduction Light is the cornerstone of all photography, and the search for perfect light is a large part of every photographer's lifelong search for the perfect image. Although the perfect image probably doesn't exist, we all still want to get as near as possible to the myth ... (free download for personal use)


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Autofocus 3D - racking.

Some clarifications about my suggestions for the autofocus settings in my specialist book wildlife photography. I obtained some messages why i didn't prefer autofocus 3D tracking. Please notice, if you write a book, there is a timeline between your work and the marked start about 6 - 12 months for the first language and usually additional 6 months and more for translation and so on ....

                                                                                                                                       »»» Read more «««

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