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05. November 2018
Leoparden Fotos mit dem neuen, ultrakompakten und sehr leichten AF-S Nikkor 500mm 5.6 E PF ED VR und der Nikon D850 fotografiert.
04. April 2016
Die beiden Jungen der Leopardin Bahati sind jetzt etwa 6 Monate und wohlauf - The two cubs of the female leopard are now about 6 months and in good health. Hier die letzten zwei Artikel vom März und November 2015 - here the last article from Leopard Bahati and the cubs march and november 2015.
30. November 2015
Female Leopard, called „Bahati“ from the previous image series in March at a kill, and now, in the middle of November, with her two about 10 weeks old cubs. Fortunately both kiddies have survived the heavy floods in Maasai Mara – in a hole of a big tree about 2 Meters above ground level. Leopardin, genannt „Bahati“ in der vorangegangen Serie vom März am Riss und jetzt im November mit ihren beiden, ca. 10 Wochen alten Babys. Glücklicherweise haben die Kiddies während der schweren...
25. Oktober 2015
A female leopard in the morning twilight with wide-open pupils at her deep in the bushes hidden zebra kill. Leopards live most of the time almost invisible hidden in the bushes or scrubs. Based on this series of pictures one can imagine, how difficult it is to ferret them in their real habitat. To get pictures of leopards when they cross the open savanna or hide on a big tree is much easier. ©Uwe Skrzypczak,, D. M. Tours Photo Safari & Workshop Maasai Mara, Nikon...
23. Juli 2015
leopards, babies, cubs, masai mara, kenya, wildlife, leopard
Leopards are very rare to see in the wild, and leopard cubs even rarer. Found hiding in their hide-out at the Talek River, Masai Mara. Photographing leopards in the wild requires great patience. Don’t be deceived by the many “action” photos shot in front of dusty or stony backgrounds that you can find on the Internet. These photos are mostly of tame leopards taken on farms in Namibia or South Africa. I am followed the mother until they identified where she was likely to have sheltered her...